Decorating Your Home with Modern Floor Mirrors

Modern floor mirrors are great decorating techniques that you can use at any time. Mirrors make spaces look bigger and helps make a room more illuminated. Many homeowners are intimidated with the use of large mirrors in their homes. If you are one of them, here are some tips on where you can incorporate a tall mirror in your house.
  • Inside the closet. Put a floor length mirror inside your closet to utilize an often unused space. The height of the mirror will elongate the room, and you can use it to check out your face  before you leave your bedroom.
  • Leaning against a wall in a less-traffic area. If you want a large mirror to lean against a wall, it would be wise to position it in an area where there is less traffic, like the parlor, guest room or home office. This avoids accidents, especially if there are kids and pets in the house.
  • Behind an accent table or sofa. Put a large mirror behind a sofa for added security. You can also put a big mirror on a wall behind a small table. Place interesting and unique items on the table like a vase, hardbound book or big seashell. In place of a table, you can put potted plants on the floor.
  • Entryway. This is one of the best spots to put a floor length mirror. Let a beautifully framed mirror welcome you and your guests as you enter your home. This is also a great spot to check yourself before you leave the house.
  • End of the hallway. Expand your living spaces by putting a mirror at the end of the hallway. Hallways are mostly narrow and less lighted, and a mirror can instantly make the space appear expansive and reflect  light in this area.
  • In the bedroom. Lean a floor length mirror at the corner of your bedroom to give additional support. You can also put it near the bed, although many people would not want to put their mirrors in a spot where they will see themselves as they wake up.
  • Staircase. Place mirrors on the wall opposite the staircase to create an illusion of increased space. You can also position the mirror beside the staircase.
Are you enticed into decorating your space with one now? Here are some gorgeous floor mirrors that would look great in your home.
Traditional Cheval by Cooper Classics. Compliment any d├ęcor with this lovely standing mirror. It features a beveled glass and Lodge Brown cherry finish that will make a wonderful addition to any home. This gorgeous piece is made with Mahogany.
Vistacion Mirror Distressed Natural by Zuo Modern. Striking aged Elmwood surround this Vistacion mirror. Whether in a hallway, bedroom or in the bathroom, this versatile mirror can go anywhere in your home.
Texan Mirror by Howard Elliott. This mirror features a traditionally designed oversized rectangular frame. Its inner and outer borders are detailed by an intricate design and a silver leaf. It is finished with a bronze overtime with a black inset.


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