Quinze & Milan: Going Beyond Furniture Design

The great-looking pieces of furniture from Quinze & Milan are not only extraordinary products in themselves; they are also statements to the world, promoting you to create your own tales and  dream and shape a reality all your own. These are truly unique designer pieces that fill any space with meaningv, exude energy, and push the envelope of design.
Quinze & Milan Designers is a cult design label from Belgium. Founded by Belgian conceptual artists Arne Quinze and Yves Milan, it manufactures designer furniture. The basic product range of the company is made up of pieces that are used in homes, offices and public areas. Aside from their own designs of the company, it also produces and distributes the work of young designers along with established architects and custom made pieces.
From the very start, Quinze & Milan has used the slogan “Creators of Atmosphere.” Their creations set out to challenge the reigning minimalism design, and change it into wild and sexy, carefree and fun, and loud and outrageous. Respectable and critical international trade magazines have dubbed Quinze & Milan as the pop star of furniture, and the bad boys of the design world.
Quinze & Milan is not just any typical furniture label; it is an avant-garde platform for collaboratiors. It is a think tank and factory for experiments, concepts, designs, ideas and visual culture. It is with this approach that made the brand a successful label that guarantees creativity, excitement, ingenuity, comfort and quality. Below are some of their most striking creations.
Primary Pouf 01 Stool by Quinze and Milan
Perhaps the most popular creation of the brand, the sassy Primary Pouf 01 Stool by Quinze and Milan is a comfortable, UV-protected and water-repellent stool that was a big hit worldwide. It is available in 24 colors. This stool can fit into any setting and any application, working best as a side table or stool. It is made of QM foam that is flame and weather resistant, and is certified for juvenile use.

Jellyfish Ottoman by Quinze and Milan
A small ottoman always come in handy, and the Jellyfish Ottoman by Quinze and Milan is one funky piece of design that is light and easy to clean. When it is not urgently needed for your feet, magazine or glass, this highly appealing piece contributes to the space design by just being there. made with sturdy rotation molded polyethylene, its plastic surface can handle practically anything.
Jellyfish House Chair by Quinze and Milan
A modern rocking chair, the Jellyfish House Chair by Quinze and Milan has a rounded base that allows the chair to move slightly. This appealing and relaxing chair encourages active use. It is a seat for lounging, listening to music, eating, and talking with friends. It is produced in sturdy rotation molded polyethylene and is great for outdoor use.
Aside from creating furniture in their in-house factory, Quinze & Milan also collaborate with architects, designers and specialized manufacturers in making use of the proprietary equipment of the company when creating designs and products. Either way, the result is a quality piece with the added advantage of versatility.


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