Building Your Own Very Own Indoor Contemporary Fountain

Indoor contemporary fountains provide many wonderful benefits. They are relaxing to the ears and mesmerizing to watch. There is something about the sounds and visuals  of water that is very comforting.   Really anyone can make their very own indoor fountain without too much effort. It does not take many tools  or much time to do. If you are willing to gather the required items and assemble them, it is not very technical and you can create your very own indoor water feature that you will enjoy for years to come.  There are six steps and considerations  for  the process.  They are as follows:
  1. Pick the optimal container. It should be large enough to hold the pump and level on the bottom. Also, be sure that it is wide enough to allow for the pump and tubing to bend upward along with the rocks that will be placed around it.
  2. Gather all the fountain ingredients. Get all the other needed items for your indoor fountain. The rocks need to vary in size from small to large. They should also be of different colors and shapes. You will need to acquire enough to completely cover the pump and go upwards several inches.
  3. Choose the best location for the fountain. Put it near a power source, ensuring that no one will trip on the cord. The cord has be placed close to the wall outlet. if you are using a table or stand of some type; ensure that it is strong and stable.
  4. Position the water pump in the middle of the container. Ensure that the power cord can reach the power source and will not be in the way. Put the cover over the pump after connecting the tubing to it. You will have to run this tubing up through the center of your rock formation.
  5. Add the rocks. Put the rocks in the fountain and add water to it. Use the bigger ones on the bottom and the smaller rocks as you go up to create a stack of them around the above the pump. Check the rocks as you are stacking them so they are sturdy enough.
  6. Cut the tubing: After you have reached the height that you desire, cut the tubing and put the elbow in it at an angle that allows the water to flow down the rocks. Add enough water to the container to completely cover the pump. Turn on the fountain.
You can also easily  buy yourself an indoor fountain, if you you are not the adventurous “do-it- yourselfer”.   It should be easy to find the look that you want. Check out some great designs below.
Etna Ceramic Fountain with Pump and Light by Alfresco Home
Unique and clean-lined, the Etna Ceramic Fountain with Pump and Light by Alfresco Home adds a calming and relaxing effect to any living space. with its clean horizontal lines and light green finish, this fountain is a great decorative piece for a room or outdoor living space.
Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain by Bond Manufacturing
Blending old and new, the exceptional design of the Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain by Bond Manufacturing couples an antiqued, stone-like finish with distinctively modern angles. Its square basins are staggered and stacked on top of one another.

Vestaglia Wall Fountain by Kenroy Home
The Vestaglia Wall Fountain by Kenroy Home is a stunning fountain that will surely be the focal point of any room in your home. featuring a Burnished Gold finish, this wall fountain comes with a halogen bulb to further emphasize its beauty.


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