How to Make Your Own Framed Modern Mirrors

Modern mirrors reflect light, make rooms appear larger, and play a practical role in decorating bathrooms and bedrooms as well as any many other room in the home. While mirrors are widely available in many shapes and sizes, the edges of unframed mirrors can typically look unfinished and plain. To make them  more interesting, many homeowners frame their own mirrors. You can create a modern and stylish mirror that matches your trendy décor in just a single afternoon. It only takes a little creativity and come crafty thinking.  First get a ready-made unfinished  frame from any craft or department store on discount. Because you will paint it, look at the lines and textures to find a modern style that fits the.
  1. Lay the appropriate size frame against your mirror. The frame should overlap the edge of the mirror by at least 3 inches. This will ensure a secure fit between the mirror and the frame. The mirror should also be flush against the mirror’s surface.
  2. Put the frame on a layer of old newspapers and spray an even coat of white spray over the original finish. Let the white paint cure overnight and then spray over it with metal solver spray paint, allowing that to dry overnight as well. The combination of colors should look like an aluminum finish.
  3. Flip the frame over and draw wide squiggles of industrial grade wood glue over the back of the frame. center the frame over your mirror and press it to the mirror’s surface. Wipe away any glue that remains with paper towels. Let the glue cure for at least 24 hours.
To create a modern yet nonmetallic look, you could also paint the frame a satin black. For a modern teenager’s room, paint the frame with chalkboard paint and give your teen some neon-colored chalk. You can also draw inspiration from the designs of some of the best-looking mirrors in the market. Check some  out below.
Harmony Oval Mirror by Ren-Wil
The Harmony Oval Mirror by Ren-Wil is a gorgeous beveled mirror that will surely add sparkle to any room with its iridescent crushed glass border. Its clean and sleek look makes this a great accessory piece to any room of your contemporary home. Strategically hit its frame with the right lights and watch the space come alive with glitters and sparkles.
Veruca Mirror - Glossy Hot Pink by Howard Elliott
For your dainty little girl’s room, the Veruca Mirror - Glossy Hot Pink by Howard Elliott would be the perfect choice. This fun and whimsical mirror features intricate detailing and design, enhanced with a glossy hot pink finish. This will be a perfect addition to any child’s room, and should be perfect for their princess plays.
Allegro Mirror by Cooper Classics
Add character to your home’s décor with the handsome Allegro Mirror by Cooper Classics. This lovely wall mirror features a striking amber and gold finish that will transform any plain room into a work of art. Put this in your bedroom, living room and even bathroom, and watch it seamlessly blend with your cabinets, countertops and tables.


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