Modern Seating: Craft Ideas for Your Wooden Bench

Wooden benches are an attractive modern seating option for both interior and exterior spaces, whether providing a spot to sit at the dining table or a place to contemplate the natural surroundings of your backyard. Here are a few great wooden benches that should be perfect for such uses and more.

Narrative Structure Bench by Context Furniture. This piece provides seating that showcase wood as a natural material as well as a material of industry. Substantial and durable, this bench works well in residential and commercial environments.

Kraven "Dark Hazelnut" Counter Height Dining Bench by Powell. Featuring clean, straight lines, this bench is crafted of Acacia and Rubberwood and finished in Dark Hazelnut. Its plush seat is upholstered in beige 100% polyester fabric.

Cynthia Storage Bench by Linon Home D├ęcor. Create added seating and storage to your space with this attractive and functional bench. It features a flip top lid so you can easily retrieve articles from the storage compartment.
Craft projects involving a wooden bench allow you to customize its appearance to your specific tastes. Pick an elaborate design that will cover the whole bench or go with something simple.
This is a type of craft usually performed on wood items. You can decoupage pictures or decorative paper on your wooden bench, covering the whole thing or a select small area. On a clean bench, apply a layer of decoupage glue over the area where you will put the pictures and press the pictures into place. Once the glue dries, apply another later of the glue to seal them in place. If you intend to use the bench outside, use waterproof glue or another type of clear sealant.
Wood Burning
For an unfinished wood bench, wood burning can create elaborate pictures and designs on the surface. If you are a novice at the craft, use a pyrography pen designed for beginners. Start with one small area of the bench to get a feel for it. With wood burning, you can always expand the artwork into the areas around the original. Before you start the process, it would help to first create a sketch of the design directly on the wood surface using a pencil.
One of the easiest craft projects for a wooden bench, painting gives some of the quickest results among the other ideas. Use outdoor acrylic paints for the most durable results. Once the paint dries, consider adding some type of sealant for additional protection. Both children and adults can do this craft. You can do with a detailed mural that covers the front and back or go for a simple pattern around the border. Painting allows for total creative freedom, allowing you to create a unique but practical piece of art.
Creating a mosaic on parts of the wooden bench gives a way to add texture and color to the furniture’s surface. Using a direct method of mosaic application is the easiest. Start by adding a layer of mosaic cement to the part of the bench that you intend to decorate. Press the tiles into place in the cement and give it time to dry. You can create the mosaic with tiles or stones made from glass or ceramic.


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