Preparing Your Modern Patio Furniture for Spring!

Even though winter is here, with  warmer months right around the corner,  we are already yearning to spend time outside.  If you love hosting afternoon teas or dinner parties outdoors, adding sensational colors and accessories can create an inviting summer-themed garden. Decorate your front and backyard for with colorful flowers and sensational accessories. Along with modern patio furniture, incorporate concepts that make the patio comforting and welcoming. While some of the decorating techniques involve common planting and yard work, others can just mean moving a single item from one place to another.
  • Experts recommend that you first empty your porch or back patio so you can completely start from scratch. De-cluttering your patio or porch will allow you to start decorating with a clear canvas and endless possibilities.
  • Pick your main color palette for your outdoor summer decorations. Decorating colors for the warmer months are usually light colors, like beige, cream or white. These colors are usually then complemented by strong, solid accent colors like yellow, red or blue.
  • Use fabrics for your patio furniture if they are not in the same color as the main color of your chosen palette. For instance, if your furniture is dark gray or wooden, use pillows or blankets to incorporate your theme colors into your current pieces. You can also use slipcovers, as they are very practical for seasonal décor.
  • Use a hand shovel and rake to plant green plants around your patio deck, giving your garden a green presence. One great example of a green plant is the hosta plant. This plant feature large light green leaves with a beige color perimeter. If you have chosen a beige or white palette, this should seamlessly blend in with your space.
  • Add flowers in planters like the Medium Graffiato Round Planter - Earthstone by Alfresco Home on your deck, or in a vase on a table, to add some natural colors to your décor. Try to explore the many variations available during the warmer months, instead of just buying carnations or roses. Use the colorful flowers to add even more color to your palette. For instance, if your original color palette was beige or white with blue, use the flowers to add shades of pastel pink, purple or yellow to accent the bold blue color.
  • Add useful and practical elements to your decorations. For instance, you can add a  family barbecue for summer parties and dinners. You can also have hammock like the Headdemock Hammock by Fatboy to enhance the element of relaxation in the sun. Or you can also add a cart or table like the Serving Cart with Removable Tray by Arbora Teak where guests can rest  their summer drinks while lounging in your summer-decorated yard.
These are just some of the things that should get your outdoor space ready for the warmer climates.   Do not restrict yourself to these suggestions and get creative. There are bound to be so many more tips that you can find about outdoor decorating.


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