White Modern Bookcases and Shelves

There is an undeniable beauty in the color white (though some may dispute its standing as a color at all). It’s clean, minimal, and plays an important role in contemporary décor, sometimes adding a futuristic feel to what otherwise might look plain and conventional. Even if you wish to decorate a room with traditional, retro, or country home styles, white furniture will always blend in. for modern bookcases and shelves, white does excellently if you want to showcase an array of colors, or if you have a centerpiece that you particularly want emphasized.

Mod Loft Pearl Bookcase by Mod Loft

The Mod Loft Pearl Bookcase by Mod Loft is a definite fit for any contemporary home décor. The bookcase’s visual strength is its interesting play on symmetry, resulting in an up-to-date, almost futuristic, look. The shelf consists of four fixed hardwood shelves arranged in a ladder style. It incorporates open shelving, so you can reach for whatever you like to read from either side of the bookcase. The steel chrome supports accomplish two things: they add extra support to the shelves, and the brushed look further enhances the shelves’ modern look. Other than holding your books, the Mod Loft Pearl Bookcase would also make an excellent display case for memorabilia. You can also use the shelf to serve as an effortless partition between adjacent rooms in your home.

Nuevo Living Kira Shelving Unit in White by Nuevo Living

The Nuevo Living Kira Shelving Unit in White by Nuevo Living, on the other hand, is the more compact version of the previous bookcase. If you live in a place where space is an issue, the Kira Shelving Unit does perfectly well. It features a high polish finish, with shelves made out of durable, reliable MDF coated in a lacquer finish to better enhance longevity. It’s efficient and makes an effective visual impact at the same time. The Nuevo Living Kira Shelving is a good choice for homeowners who choose white furniture mostly to make an artistic statement. The efficient storage options only increases its value even further.

EuroStyle Laurence-5 Bookcase – White/Chrome by EuroStyle

If you need a bit more room, consider getting the EuroStyle Laurence-5 Bookcase – White/Chrome by EuroStyle. It offers a lot more efficiency without compromising on elegance, and is a great play on minimalism as well.  The Laurence-5 Bookcase provides five book shelves, all made of sophisticated, leather upholstery—extra sturdy but still rather classy, even for most modern bookshelves. The shelves’ design could also border on traditional, though it would look right at home in a modernly decorated room. The chromed steel feet cement its place as a modern piece of furniture though, and the adjustable feet, matching desk and hutch all make it an extremely versatile bookshelf. 

One of the Eurostyle bookcase’s strengths is that it was built for small spaces, and even though it’s a relatively compact shelf, you don’t have to give up aesthetics altogether.


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