Screen Gems Room Dividers – Organizing Your Area in Exclusive Style and Functionality with Remarkable Ease

If you are looking for an effective means to separate a small area or areas from the rest of a large room, the best way to go about it is with the use of room dividers. These types of furniture are designed to enhance a room’s overall versatility, dividing it into smaller, exclusive and more functional sections, without exhausting much time, energy, and money on your part. They are also remarkably multifunctional and perfect for almost any venue, from an industrial or  office setting, to schools, churches and even auditoriums. In terms of experiencing genuine comfort and style in modern everyday living, dividers are very handy and reliable, especially for those who dwell in  apartments, condominiums and smaller spaces. If you want to isolate the dining room or living room, for example, from the rest of the area either for privacy or decorative reasons, you will be able to meet your ornamental and functional needs efficiently with the use of the right pieces. There is a large supply of room dividers, in a wide range of designs and styles, that you can choose from in the market today but if you’re looking for exceptional quality, style and functionality altogether in your purchase, Screen Gems Room Dividers are the way to go.

Unique and Innovative Room Dividers

Screen Gems room dividers feature an impressive collection of artistic, modern room dividers that present exceptional designs and avant-garde shapes and patterns. Its team of world-class designers understand the different practical needs and challenges of modern furnishing and decor so they developed products that effectively satisfy different customers and styles of living for affordable price points. Ergonomically and economically designed without sacrificing essential decorative qualities, their room dividers help partition any specific area in your living space into functional and fashionable sectors without incurring thousands of dollars in expenses. They also follow an easy do-it-yourself installation that does not require a level of skill, use of certain materials and specific approvals and paperwork that are normally typical  in constructing new walls for room divisions. All you need to do is simply unfold and roll them into place and a large monotonous room instantly transforms into multiple rooms with greatly enhanced aspects in just a few seconds. They can easily slide into position without any form of assembly needed and are especially lightweight so if you need to open up the room again or transfer them into another location, you can do so with ease.

A Manufacturer you can Count on

The room dividers are made and developed by Screen Gems Furniture Accessories a division of LiTechnologies Inc. Currently based out of Manhattan Beach, California, the company specializes in manufacturing and distributing unique floor screens, partitions, decorative screens, wall decor accent pieces, etc, and is the leading national supplier of the said product line. Screen Gems has building a solid reputation in the home furnishing and decor industry by introducing unique and innovative decorative room dividers and floor screens to consumers since 1998. Their floor screens offer a creative, versatile, and refreshing interior accent that no other brand has yet to match. The company holds an extensive and assorted inventory that allows them to meet different customer needs and tastes while providing timely shipping options and responsive customer service making them a brand that you can genuinely count on.

Screen Gems room dividers are built and designed to supplement almost every possible use and need there is for a room divider. You can create a quiet reading space in the corner with an Autumn Journey Screen, a cool and laid-back in-house bar or chill out zone for you and your friends with a New York City Screen, a private changing section in your bedroom if you are living in an apartment with roommates with  an Adagio Screen, and many more depending on your need. They are available in single or folded panel and come in appealing pattern designs and styles that bring a touch of warmth and beauty to any space. They also come in a broad range of materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, and leather, with different fine finishes to suit different needs and styles of living. For an attractive but light room divider, you can also opt  for fabric designs like the Beau Monde Screen. This distinct piece delivers great ambiance to the room and is especially handy when you need to separate the bedroom area from the living area.

Exquisite and Artistic

Aside from boasting an array of innovative floor screen designs and styles that offer amazing space separation and organization features, each distinct piece displayed in the product line also brings in an exclusive decorative accent. Exceptional pieces of art in and of itself, every single piece can serve as an entire room’s focal point and centre of allure with its bold and vibrant color schemes and elegant shapes and forms. From clean and smart, chic, creative, to excotic designs, Screen Gems room dividers are truly magnificent works of artistic crafts. You can even find room dividers with well known art and designs or vivid images, printed right on them and hand made pieces in rich, fine details. Whatever it is that you are looking for in your room divider, Screen Gems has a lot of exquisite and artistic creations for you to enjoy.

Screen Gems room dividers are certainly not the only line of room dividers that you can opt for in the market today but they are certainly one of the best and offer one of the finest. Their unique styles and designs are truly refreshing, especially when you look at all those dull, flimsy models teaming in the market today. They are also functionally reliable, very easy to set-up, and offer plenty of options for you to choose. With Screen Gems room dividers, organizing your living space will never be as chic and convenient as ever.


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