Real Reasons to Choose Bio-Fuel Contemporary Fireplaces

Bio-fuel fireplaces have been appreciated by many for quite some time, but it is only recently that they have  really exploded in popularity. At one time they were  easily noticeable only  in martini lounges, mediation studios, high-end spas and truly expensive homes; but today, they have become so affordable and readily available that practically  anyone can benefit from  bio fuel fireplace. And while often seen as stunning pieces of art; few people actually are aware of the benefits they offer.
For starters, bio-fuel fireplaces do not emit smoke, which is a big advantage over traditional fireplaces that release a number of harmful toxins into  the air. Not only will you breathe these toxins in, but they will also pollute the environment. Bio Fuel fireplaces are  environmentally-friendly and  they do not affect air quality. They also burn renewable fuel sources - fuel that is created from sugar cane, potatoes, corn, and other crops that take a short amount of time to grow compared to the haresting of wood from forests.  And  leaving forests also  preserves oxygen levels in the air, leading to  healthy and environmentally sound living.
A bio-fuel fireplace can also be placed anywhere in your home, because it does not need venting.  It will not affect the air quality in a room so they can be installed easily  in smaller studio apartments and boutiques. A traditional fireplace can only be placed in room that is able to support a large  amount of oxygen consumption. You can enjoy a bio-fuel fireplace in every room of your home and even on your patio or deck, as they are clearly comfortable, stunning and environmentally beneficial pieces of d├ęcor.
These fireplaces come in an array of styles, sizes and shapes. Choosing the right one for your home should maximize the benefits of such fireplace and further enhance the look of your space.
Nu-Flame Accenda Modern Tabletop Fireplace by Bluworld
The perfect accent to any table and any setting, the Nu-Flame Accenda Modern Tabletop Fireplace by Bluworld is a portable tabletop fireplace that features a polished stainless steel base and stunning tempered safety glass cylinder that encases the flames. It has a 4-liter capacity burner and can be used indoors or outdoors. And because it is portable, you can take this any place in your home that needs some warmth and light.

Lorenzo Wall or Surface Mount Fireplace by Fireside America
Are you the type of person who likes  to hang your own paintings and wall art?   That is how easy it is to mount the Lorenzo Wall or Surface Mount Fireplace by Fireside America.  If you want, you can also choose  the option of flush mounting into the  wall for a more contemporary look with its brushed stainless steel and black powder coated stainless steel frame. This is a truly safe, clean and environment-friendly heating option for your home.
Pipe - Large by Bio-Blaze
Is your outdoor space getting a little too chilly, especially at night? Then the Pipe - Large by Bio-Blaze should be a great addition to your al fresco retreat. Made of stainless steel color (obviously), this fireplace come with round burners with reducers to keep your warm during those cold nights.


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