Decorating a Room with Plants and Modern Fountains

Decorating a room, like your living room or bedroom, with plants and modern fountains, creates a peaceful space. Bringing these earthy outdoor elements inside will help you create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, or add in feng shui-inspired decorating. Plants -- live or artificial -- break up open spaces and accentuate any type of décor. Indoor water fountains come with a faint and trickling water sound that will naturally soothe you.
Survey the Area
Before anything else, it would be wise to survey the room that you intend to decorate first. Determine the overall style and look of the room, whether it is contemporary, Victorian, French Country, Southwestern, or something else. Also take into consideration the colors of the furniture, the decorations that you intend to keep, and the color of the walls. Determine the available amount of space where you want to put the plants and water fountain.
Incorporate the Plants
Pick plants that complement the space and décor of your room. Bigger potted plants work well in big and empty corners while small potted plants can dress up a shelf or end table. Group the plants together in odd numbers and in varying heights with a gradual decline. If they are live plants, the groupings have to be of similar watering and lighting needs. They should also be similar in color. If you frequently travel, have curious pets, or have a very busy schedule, opt for silk plants. This way, you do not have to worry about forgetting to water your plants.
Finish with Fountains
Position a small water fountain like the Wood Flower Table/Wall Fountain by Kenroy Home on a shelf, sofa table, coffee table or end table. One or two small fountains should already be plenty for most rooms. The low sound of flowing water can block out the louder and unpleasant noises while adding to an enjoyable atmosphere. Larger spaces, such as grand foyers, should be able to house larger fountains. You can go with a wall fountain like the Sycamore Springs Pebble Wall Fountain Medium by Bluworld or with one  that you can position in the middle of the room like the Portland Sound Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home. Note, though, that they are bound to be more difficult to clean and move if you change your mind about the placement.
Water fountains come in so many different designs, colors, sizes and shapes. They can easily be turned on or off depending on whether you want to relax and hear the sound of trickling water or not.


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