Modern Dining Table: Repairing Scratches on Your Glass Table

Glass tables can easily be marred by the appearance of scratches. As a general rule, the deeper or more complex the scratch, the more difficult it will be to remove. Deep or heavy scratches are best handled by specialists, but you should be able to treat the lighter ones at home. When repairing scratches on a glass modern dining table, remember that unless the top can be removed and placed on a solid and level surface, there is danger of cracking the glass when too much pressure is applied. It is not uncommon to try more than once to repair scratched glass.
  1. Apply the polish or the toothpaste to the scratched area with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Rub the polish or toothpaste in a rotating motion on the scratches for three to five minutes, apply just enough pressure to lightly braise  the surface. Your goal is to gently buff out the scratch by planning or smoothing the uneven surface of the glass in the damaged area.
  3. Moisten the sponge with plain water and squeeze out any excess from the sponge. Wipe the surface of the glass, cleaning away the polish or paste. Look for any signs of progress.
  4. Re-apply the polish or paste, and buff again if the scratches are still visible. Rise and check if any improvement has been made. Minor scratches should start to disappear after two or three applications.
  5. Follow buffing the lighter scratches with an optional fill-in technique for more deeply scratched area. Use a fine paintbrush and clear epoxy, and gradually and slowly paint over the damage. Test the clear epoxy first in an inconspicuous section of the glass to ensure that the result is clear after it dries.
However, if you glass table has too many scratches that are beyond repair, perhaps it is time that you look at new alternatives.   Check out these great high quality pieces. You might find the perfect one  for your home from them.
Beth Glass Dining Table by EuroStyle
Sleek, sexy and cool, the Beth Glass Dining Table by EuroStyle will add drama and elegance with its timeless look. Made with a clear 22-milliimiter thick tempered glass top, it features polished stainless steel legs. This minimalist creation will complete a truly inviting living area full of art and color.
Frosty Dining Table by Casabianca
The Frosty Dining Table by Casabianca can be used for smaller places. It is elegantly designed to add a touch of elegance to any dining room setting. Made with high quality materials, this space saving dining table comes with tempered glass and chromed legs, along with an extendable option.

Carlsbad Cherry Rectangular Table by Jofran
Bring a modern aesthetic to dining furniture, the Carlsbad Cherry Rectangular Table by Jofran has a base that is shaped into chrome double pedestal with clean lines and a sleek look. The table is topped in rectangular glass to create a dimensional view of the modern chrome table base.


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