Living Room Accent Furniture: DIY Floating Shelves

If you want a way to display and store your books, but do not have enough room for a bookcase, you can build and install floating shelves instead. This living room accent furniture is  mounted to the wall using a cleat that the shelf slides over, giving the appearance that the shelf is floating because the support structure is not visible. One shortcut you can take when building floating shelves is using hollow-core doors for the shelves.
  1. Find the studs in the wall where the shelves are being installed. Mark the location of the studs and draw a line to connect the marks. Use a level to draw the lines to ensure the shelving will be straight.
  2. Cut an 18-inch hollow core door in two lengthwise with a circular saw equipped with a 40-tooth carbide blade.
  3. Stain the door panels, or apply primer and paint, and allow them to dry.
  4. Measure the inside edges of the door panels. Cut a 2-by-4 for each shelf that matches the inner dimensions of the panels. The bards will be the cleats that the shelves hang on.
  5. Hold the cleat against the wall with the top edge positioned against the line you drew. You might want the help of an assistant for this.
  6. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through the cleats and into the studs.
  7. Drive a lag crew through each hole in the cleat and into the studs with a drill or adjustable wrench until the screw is tight.
  8. Remove 1 ½ inches of the cardboard core inside the doors by scraping it away with a wood chisel.
  9. Slide the shelves onto the cleats to check the fit. If necessary, trim the shelving so it fits directly against the wall.
  10. Apply carpenter’s glue to the bottom inside edge of the doors and the top of the cleats.
  11. Slide the doors onto the cleats/ put a framing square on top of the doors and lift the doors. Drive 1-inch brad nails through the doors and into the studs every 8 inches. Again, you may want to recruit an assistant for this step.
But if you are not handy with tools, consider just buying floating shelves. You should find so many stylish and affordable designs in the market today. Check out these examples.
Barney Shelf (75") - Wenge by EuroStyle
The Barney Shelf (75") - Wenge by EuroStyle has a width of 75 inches and is covered with Wenge stained veneer. It features a  minimalist yet clean design that can capture anyone's attention. Also available in white lacquer and  is fully assembled.

Pitt Shelves in Walnut by Mod Loft
The Pitt Shelves in Walnut by Mod Loft compliments any space with its modern flare and intelligent design. Ideally used on the wall above a dining room sideboard for an exceptional look. It is available in wenge or walnut wood finishes. 

Elabor8 Modern Glass Shelves (Set of 2) - Black/Clear/Gray/White by B-Modern
Make a bold yet modern statement in your home with the Elabor8 Modern Glass Shelves (Set of 2) - Black/Clear/Gray/White by B-Modern. Constructed of tempered glass and stainless steel wall supports, these shelves create a whole new realm of possibilities.


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