Artsy Modern Shelving to Inspire Your Creativity

Recent times have seen really interesting pieces of furniture, products of a marriage between stark efficiency and art. Furniture is now used to make a statement more than simply decorate a room (though of course that’s also part of it), and they can become effective mediums through which homeowners communicate their thoughts and values. An especially artistic piece of furniture offers the chance to inspire and be inspired, right in your own living room, which is why the aesthetic side of an ordinary shelf can mean so much to the potential buyer. If you’re looking for modern shelving for your home, these are a couple of functional, yet equally attractive, shelves to choose from. 

Diamond Sofa 83 Inch Low Profile Lighted Plasma Cabinet by Diamond Sofa

When used strategically, lighting can be a rather effective decorative tool, highlighted quite well in the Diamond Sofa 83 Inch Low Profile Lighted Plasma Cabinet by Diamond Sofa.  The cabinet employs a play on lighting that makes the cabinet much more interesting than others.

Definitely not your typical media center, this cabinet sports a glossy black lacquer finish with a frosted glass top. The blue accent lighting is one of its most noteworthy characteristics, lending the unit an attractive, futuristic glow. On top of its looks, the plasma cabinet also offers ample storage with two drawers, two doors, and component shelves.

Diamond Sofa 64 Inch Glass TowerDisplay with Storage - Matte Red by Diamond Sofa:

While it’s not going to store rows and rows of little mementos or hardbound texts, the Diamond Sofa 64 Inch Glass Tower Display with Storage – Matte Red by Diamond Sofa plays its role very well. This is a suitable piece of furniture for anyone who would like to display a valuable item.

The Glass Display Tower is an eye-catching vision in red, and adds plenty of visual impact to any part of the room. Aside the design, the display tower also has a hidden shelf storage area below the pedestal. While it looks like it belongs more in a museum than a home, the display tower can also be used to show off beautiful home items, such as a statue, a vase, or perhaps a piece of jewelry.

EuroStyle Robbie Shelving Unit –Wenge by EuroStyle

Great for homes with a modern design and perhaps a more abstract style, the EuroStyle Robbie Shelving Unit – Wenge by EuroStyle sports an asymmetrical build that’s definitely different from your traditional book shelves. Available in both gray and white, the shelving unit comes in a largely neutral wenge shade.

Mod Loft Pearl Bookcase by ModLoft

The Mod Loft Pearl Bookcase by Mod Loft is an effective compromise between artsy minimalism and functionality, and is the most suitable choice for homeowners with lots of items up for display. The bookcase can double as a display case, with four fixed hardwood shelves, plus a stainless steel ladder that adds to the shelf’s contemporary appearance.

The clean use of lines is one of the bookshelf’s most noticeable characteristics, as well as the airy shelving style. Mod Loft completely does away with shelf doors in this unit. Because of the way the shelf is built, it can also be used as a partition between different rooms in the house, or to divide a large space. Depending on your home’s color palette, you can choose from the shelf’s wenge or walnut stain finishes.


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