The Right Type of Stainless Outdoor Grill for Your Space

Cook up a party with a great stainless outdoor grill. On top of possessing the ability to fire up a barbecue, the grill you choose should have the correct features that perfectly suit your needs.

What can you need from an outdoor grill, though? Modern updates to the traditional grill design have contributed greatly to its efficiency, most notably in its ergonomic aspects. Plenty of attention is now paid to how a grill might potentially fit into a homeowner’s hustle and bustle of everyday life, ultimately increasing its long-term value to a home and making it a worthier investment. There are some grills that are designed to be a lot easier for people to carry around, and there are others that were built to stay firmly embedded in one place. Depending on how much space you have to spare, the right outdoor grill for you should blend right into your home’s natural flow and movement, whether you have a large backyard out back for parties, or tend to bring your grill along with you to camp-outs.

American Outdoor Grill 24" Built In Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill

One of the more common stainless outdoor grills is the built-in type, like the American Outdoor Grill 24” Built In Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill. This is a good choice if you’re not inclined to move the grill from one spot in the near future. If your home has a designated cooking area outdoors, or if you have plenty of space to permanently install an outdoor grill, this type of grill would do very well for you. The gas grill measures 24 inches, featuring a rounded hood and contoured face in a sleek satin finish. The grill was designed to withstand outdoor conditions over a long period of time, courtesy of American Outdoor Grill’s quality stainless steel construction.

The grill itself has modern features, with a 10,000 BTU rotisserie back burner coupled with a high performance rotisserie kit. The burners are made of titanium and chromium, and a stainless steel vaporizer panel makes for equal heat distribution. You can monitor how much heat gets to the meat with the custom designed analog thermometer, controlling the temperature from the solid brass valves.

American Outdoor Grill 24" In-Ground Post Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill

Another type of grill is the in-ground post grill, an excellent example of which is the American Outdoor Grill 24” In-Ground Post Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill.

This type of grill is a bit more permanent than the portable grill and more temporary than the built-in version. Depending on your preference, the in-ground post gas grill can either be cemented into the ground, or simply bolted to the concrete. Because of the versatility offered by this type of grill, it’s a popular choice among homeowners with apartments, condominiums, or other places where space is limited. Optional accessories for the grill include a backburner, rotisserie kit, and warming rack. One notable characteristic of the grill are the dual shelves, offering extra storage while you cook.

American Outdoor Grill 36" Portable Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill

Probably the most well-known type of outdoor gas grill is the portable type. The American Outdoor Grill 36” Portable Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill. Most individuals choose the portable variant because it can be moved easily between spaces. It’s the suitable choice for families who like going camping and holding cookouts. The grill is fully pre-assembled right out of the box (an advantage for constant assembling and re-assembling associated with travel).

Duck Covers BBQ Cover - Up to 50" Wide by Duck Covers

Regardless of which outdoor grill you choose, you’ll need a good grill cover to prolong its life. The completely waterproof and lightweight Duck Covers BBQ Cover – Up to 50” Wide by Duck Covers, for example, could keep your grill functioning much longer by keeping it away from the elements


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