Making Your Modern Contemporary Rugs Last Longer

It does not matter how much you paid for your rug. If you do not look after it well, it will not last longer. But you do not have to go overboard when it comes to taking care of your modern contemporary rugs. In fact, that might be as detrimental as not caring fohem atr t all. Here are some ways to give your rugs a little bit of TLC.

Use a pad to keep the rug from slipping along the floor. This will also prevent dirt from accumulating at its base.

Never leave spillages. Attend to them immediately to prevent it from soaking deeper into the rug fibers and leave stains.

When vacuuming your rug, do so with the beater bar raised to the highest setting to prevent loose strings or snagged fibers. Rug protectants work but avoid using them. These chemicals can cause damage in the rugs when used wrongly.

Always turn your rug around, especially when it is in a high traffic area. This will allow the rug to wear evenly.

Of course, when buying rugs, at least make sure that you get something that is of good quality. After all, these pieces can be a big investment to any home.
Dharma DHA-7502 RD Modern Area Rug Collection Contemporary Round Wool Rug by Chandra Rugs
The Dharma DHA-7502 RD Modern Area Rug Collection Contemporary Round Wool Rug by Chandra Rugs fully understands nature as it borrows patterns and colors from it and brings it into your home. With its striking flower design, this rug is definitely designed for presentation as well as durability. It also comes with various size options to fit your space.

Links Rug 8' Round by notNeutral
Hand tufted all the way from India, the Links Rug 8' Round by notNeutral is made from 100% wool with loop construction and recycled cotton backing. With two color options available, it has a designed that is bound to add interest in any room.

Maca Rug- White by TrueModern
A perfect complement to a modern lifestyle, the Maca Rug- White by TrueModern is made from tight-woven 100% New Zealand wool. And, to leave a plush and soft feeling on your feet, it has been hand-tufted which has given it a very luxurious look. Aside from white, it also comes in colors Pewter, Spruce and Charcoal, and is available in multiple sizes as well.


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