Helpful Ideas on Keeping Your Modern Shelving Organized

Modern shelving solutions should keep your home organized and clutter-free, and not add to the mess. The problem, however, is that many people do not exactly know how to keep their shelves mess-free, clean and easy to organize. But contrary to popular belief, organizing does not have to be ugly, especially when it comes to shelving. By adding bins, baskets, photo frames and labels, you can definitely clean up all the clutter that’s hounding your shelves, and even update the décor of your home in the process.
One way to organize your shelving is with clearly-labeled baskets, bins and jars. It’s a good thing that these labels are all the range so tidying up your stuff should be effective and cute. For something that’s a bit more mod, put clearly identifiable objects in glass jars for easy spotting. You can use chalkboards for labeling so you can just change the label to another as you wish. It would be good to keep your labeled baskets in one shelf, and put jars and bins on other so things are symmetrical.
For a cleaner shelf that doubles as art, try color coordination. Stack all your books or dishes by color and size in your shelves for a sleek, quick and easy way to organize. To keep them looking clean and modern, keep same things together in the same shelf or space; although you can always style colored shelves with mismatched jars, letters, candlesticks, and frames for a for fun and artsy look.
However you intend to design your shelves, always keep in mind that always is always more. That top way to make your shelves look cluttered is by cluttering them up. Go for a sparser look by grouping together things of the same height and size. You can then accessorize the empty spaces with vases, baskets or bins. For deep shelves, add layers of plates against the wall and anchor them with heavier items like books and jars.
Dado 2-Door, 2-Drawer Buffet with Glass Shelves by Allan Copley Designs
Looking at the Dado 2-Door, 2-Drawer Buffet with Glass Shelves by Allan Copley Designs is looking at a work of modern architecture. With its versatile, functional and distinctive nature, this shelf features an Espresso finish to give warmth to any room’s décor. And it is not short of storage and display spaces with its 3 glass display shelves, 2-door front, 2 drawer hidden storage, and interior storage shelf.

Caramelized Magnolia Shelf by Greenington
If you are on the rocks on whether you would want a contemporary or traditional décor, the Caramelized Magnolia Shelf by Greenington would be perfect. Bringing together a cozy, elegant and lovely living room area with its combination of separation and organization, this shelf has a rich honey-toned Caramelized finish.


Perla Vitrine by Casabianca
Fetch compliments from your house guests when they see the majestic Perla Vitrine by Casabianca. Made with white lacquered wood, it includes 6 tempered glass shelves and six U-shaped shelves. This unit comes with a magnet to hold every door at the top and bottom of the unit. Plus, it has 2 lights on top of the unit to illuminate your collection.


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