Water Indoor Fountains for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Anyone can benefit from water indoor fountains. If there is one big feature that all of us can benefit from it, it would be their soothing and relaxing aspect. In this world where everyone seems to be rushing to work and stressing over life problems, indoor fountains can step in and amazingly give you some sort of relief from all of these.
We have long known that the sound of water makes for a really good stress reliever. Relaxation products, for instance, regularly feature the sound of water. Also, some of our most common stress reliever activities are taking a swim in the pool, laying out in a Jacuzzi, and taking a bath or shower. We even have regular fantasies of taking vacations or even living by the water.
An indoor water fountain gives a logical progression to this pattern, except that you can keep it on for as long as you want. It will not make you pruny; you do not have to get out from home; and you do not have to spend loads of money to go to some exotic island just to experience its benefits.
It has been proven that when you are relaxed, your heart rate and blood pressure drops and you are able to think more clearly. These benefits only show just how much of a fantastic relaxation and stress reliever an indoor water fountain is, especially for those who have high pressure jobs, as well as give another way to incorporate peace of mind and spirituality into your life.
If you are on the lookout for an indoor water fountain for relaxation and stress relief, look for one that comes with a soft sound, without those hard splatters of water. Mostly, these waterfalls create an even water flow and the water has a short distance to fall. Those that come with adjustable pumps should help you control the sound and flow of water.
Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain by Bond Manufacturing
Showing a great combination of old and new, the exceptional design of the Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain by Bond Manufacturing features an antique stone-like finish with distinct modern angles. It has square basins, stacked and staggered on top of one another, allowing water to flow down through copper-colored shimmering spouts. Each basin is then accented with soft lights that will give a soft glow to the water.

Sycamore Springs Pebble Wall Fountain Medium by Bluworld
The Sycamore Springs Pebble Wall Fountain Medium by Bluworld features a stunning surface that is made of natural pebbles and slate. Further enhancing its beautiful effect is its built-in light to make it more soothing to the eyes. Made with genuine high quality materials, each pebble was individually hand painted, resulting in a fountain that is indistinguishable from an array of polished river rocks.

Windows Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home
Tall and slim, the 64 inches of flowing water that Windows Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home should be perfect for small homes. Featuring windows, a natural slate finish, and 2 bulbs for illumination, this indoor water fountain will allow water flow through each piece of natural slate, lending a serene aura into any room.


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