Get Strong and Durable Teak Furniture from Anderson Teak

Established in 2000, Anderson Teak Furniture is a manufacturer and exporter of fine wooden furniture, manufacturing in Semarang in Java, Indonesia. The company has their own Teak plantations there  along with an 8,000 square feet manufacturing plant.
By 2002, they opened their office  in the United States in California, which allowed them to facilitate the needs their of their customers, giving them better services and ready-stocked products. Today, the company has a production capacity of 8 to 10 containers a month, and is doing business with numerous residential and commercial buyers, as well as architects, designers all over the world.
Impressive Characteristics of Teak Wood
Teak is a very dense coarse grained hardwood. It contains a high level of silica that causes rapid blunting of cutting edges. When fresh cut, its surface has a dull appearance, but it has a distinctive and pleasantly aromatic odor that has been likened to the smell of leather. it also has a oily feel because of its high oil content.
One well-known characteristic about teak is its durability. It is resistant to rot caused by fungal decay, and its high level of resinous oil acts as a natural insect repellent. This gives the timber a very high resistance to attack by termites and other wood boring insects. Timber is also resistant to water and many chemical reagents, including acids, and it does not have a strong reaction when it comes in contact with metals.
Sample Offerings of Anderson Teak Furniture
Capri Sun Lounger Adjusted Back & Knee with Side Tray by Anderson Teak. The brand’s most popular piece, this lounger has been dubbed as “the most comfortable Sun Lounger they have ever relaxed in.” This piece is perfect for poolside reading. It has a convenient drawer-type drink tray with an added degree of comfort. When not in use, the tray conveniently slides back to the lounger. It adjusts to 4 positions, including completely flat.
35" Round Bar Table and Rialto Swivel Bar Armchair by Anderson Teak. An ingenious combination, this set is designed for 2 to 4 people to sit comfortably. The armchair can turn 360 degrees to make in and out of the bar armchair much easier. The chairs come with sculpted curved seat and back along with a sturdy footrest for going up and down.
Rectangular Extension Table and Wilshire Dining Armchair by Anderson Teak. Enjoy the pleasure of outdoor dining and the beauty of your backyard with this dining set. The set includes a rectangular dining table with butterfly extension for additional table space to accommodate unexpected guests. It also has 6 armchairs with contoured seats and back for extra support.

Anderson Teak Furniture is committed manufacturing the highest quality furniture, using only the finest timbers avialable. Their pieces can be used every day inside and outside the home, as well as in commercial buildings and facilities.


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