How to Troubleshoot Outdoor Contemporary Fountains

Contemporary fountains are a hot trend in outdoor living today. Aside from adding beauty to your space, they also give a bubbly tranquility that will make you want to spend more time in your garden or patio. Below are some great examples. 

Floresta Fountain by Alfresco Home. Constructed from lightweight resin, this fountain resembles a rock with flowers growing on it. It features hand-applied patina, giving unique color variations.

Curvature Slate Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home. This fountain is from the Curvature family, featuring a natural slate finish. It includes polished river stones. 

Torrie Birdbath Fountain by Bond Manufacturing. Welcome wined wildlife into your garden with this antiquarian design. It is made of fiberglass with ornamentation on its trim and pedestal.
In order for you to enjoy basking in the ambience of your water fountain, you need not worry about repairs. Here are some easy tips on how to troubleshoot your fountain on your own.
Air bubbles. Turn the fountain on and off a few times. If it is a floor water fountain, ensure that it is set on a level surface. Also, check if the fountain pump is completely submerged.
Cleaning. This is a critical part of fountain maintenance. Every 4 to 6 months, or more frequently if possible, empty the water fountain of water and clean it, including the pump, filter and water distribution system.
Dry spots. Water is similar to that of an amnesiac detective; it likes to follow itself around. When starting your home water fountain, look for dry areas and use your hand to divert water to them. This should create a more consistent flow.
Vibrations or noise. This can happen because of low water level. Check the water level often, especially that it is an outdoor fountain and replenish it as necessary. If the movement of the pump causes noise, consider putting a sponge under it.
Smell. Odor can become a problem with outdoor or garden fountains, unless you take steps to prevent the buildup of algae. Every month or so, add an anti-white scale or anti-algae solution to the water.
Water flow. For water flow issues, look for kinds in the tubing and check if the water level is too low. If your water fountain pump has a flow control valve, ensure that it is open. Clean up debris from the impeller and filter, and check that all tubing and pipes are properly attached. Of course, make sure that the water fountain is plugged in.
Weather. If you live in an area where freezing temperatures or cold winters are common, it is recommended that you drain all outdoor water fountains and store them during the winter.
White spots. This is not contagious, so do not worry. These are hard water spots, caused by the metals and minerals in tap water. This has two possible solutions: first is to clean your water fountain with a commercial product. For something that is less labor-intensive, use distilled water in your water fountain instead of tap water. Distilled water is also easier on your fountain pump.


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