Incorporating Hallway Tables into Your Hectic Homes

The mad morning key scramble, flustered hair fluff and lippy larding is one familiar and usually fragmented ritual as we dash for the front door to get to school or work. At times, because of the hectic schedule that we are have, we tend to forget some things, and end up scolding  ourselves for not having an organized way to get things in order. But you can make these steps blissful and more streamlined by the introduction of humble hallways tables.
Think of a console table as a one-stop-shop for last minute load-ups of work ID cards and mobile chargers, as well as an en route dressing minute for your last minute touch-ups (just to make sure that you do not have your lipstick caked across your teeth, or the back of your head does not resemble a duck’s bottom. Truly, the simple hallway table can be both beautiful and useful, and you might be surprised of the options available for even the smallest of hallways.
When choosing a mirror that will complete your hallway, go with a generous sized piece that will bounce great amounts of light and trick the eye into thinking that the space above your welcome mat is larger than its actual proportions. This should also add a blast of glamour into the usual narrow look of hallways.
To all of the essential litters of life, look for a console table that comes with concealed storage. A table with a drawer or two like the Galleria Console Table w/ Drawer - Latte on Birch Top by Allan Copley Designs will keep your essentials close at hand. You can also put basket nooks on or below the table to hold out-the-door accessories like gloves and scarves.
If you have a particularly skinny hallway (which most of us do), look for console tables with missing back feet like the 64" Signature Home Contemporary Console Table by Furnitech. This allows you to just mount them flush against the wall. With this two-legged option, the thickness of the skirting board can be subtracted from the finished placement, saving you precious inches. Also, such an arrangement means that your car keys have no chance of going scooting down the back.
But if you are not too keen on having just half a table set against your hallway wall, another option for an especially small hall is to have a thin and sleek table. You can still stock all of your daily stuff and, by adding an impressive mirror, you can still create a big impact despite the tiny proportions. The Wall Street Foyer Table Chrome - Espresso by Ave-Six also comes with a bottom shelf for your other essentials, like magazines, winter gear, and shoes.
As an alternative to a vanity mirror, a collection of prints or framed family photos should also create an ideal focal point above a hallway console. Also consider zoning the space with a couple of strips of feature wallpaper, or situating twin lamps at either end of your hall table for instant grandeur and impact. Do not let the hectic daily grind wear you down; console yourself with a handy hallway table!


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