Contemporary Firepit: Tips in Using Outdoor Fire Bowls

Summer is the perfect season to spend time outdoors, and nothing will make that better than the warmth and cheeriness of fire. But if you do not want to spend too much for a  contemporary firepit, fire bowls are the answer. They can give heat through wood or fuel. Either way, their beauty is that you get to spend more time on enjoying the ambience rather than on its installation. Below are some tips to help you better enjoy your fire bowl.
  1. Consult local codes, certified professionals and building officials before you install a fire bowl, regardless of what it uses for fuel. Codes can vary from city to city so some might be illegal in your area.
  2. Ensure that the area around it free from foliage or branches that can catch fire. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that there should be at least six feet of clear space around the bowl.
  3. Most fire bowls that burn wood come with a mesh cover. Once you light the fire, use the screen to keep the sparks from floating out of the bowl.
  4. Never leave the fire unattended. Keep a bucket of cold ashes, dirt, or sandy nearby, along with a metal rake or shovel.
  5. Even if you want to spend more time rocking than building the fire, do not use accelerants like gasoline or charcoal fluid to light the fire.
  6. Take wind into consideration when you decide the type and placement of the fire bowl. Burning embers can be blown out of the bowl so choose a protected area.
  7. Remember that metal gets hot so let it thoroughly cool first before you attempt to remove the bowl or handle its cover.
  8. Ensure that the fire bowl that you use has been approved for its use. With the wrong material, it can shatter or explode.
And now that you are aware of the most important safety rules with having a fire bowl, choose one that comes with a beauty and style that will fit its surroundings.
Mosaic Tile Firebowl by Fireside America
Featuring a stainless bowl and ceramic tile mantel, the Mosaic Tile Firebowl by Fireside America will be a perfect finishing touch to your cozy outdoor space. Spend some quality time with your friends and family while gathering around the bowl, toasting marshmallows and enjoying conversations.

Newcastle Firebowl by Bond Manufacturing
Keep warm while creating the perfect outdoor setting throughout the year with the Newcastle Firebowl by Bond Manufacturing. This is a stainless steel burner with push button ignitor gas flow. This fire bowl should bring the ambience of outdoor fire right in your patio, garden, backyard or pool areas.

Bronze Fire Bowl With Stars And Moon by Fireside America
A wood burning bronze fire with moon and stars, the Bronze Fire Bowl With Stars And Moon by Fireside America offers you easy assembly so you can spend more of your time enjoying the warmth. It includes a removable cooking grid and an easy lift removable spark screen.


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