Using Outdoor Patio Heaters? Follow These Safety Tips

Extend the amount of time that you can enjoy your outdoor space with an outdoor patio heater. With the use of either gas or electric technology, these devices can generate real heat. And because they are for outdoor use, they can produce a large amount of heat so you can enjoy your the outdoors beyond the usual warm weather months.  For your ultimate safety and convenience,  you need to take the necessary precautions before using them.
  • Keep combustible materials away from the heat source, including plastics, paper, wood, lighters, or any other substance that can catch fire. This also includes trees or hanging plants. Keep them at least 3 feet away from your heater.
  • Never more your heater while it is in use. Turn it off and let it cool down first before you attempt to position it. Heaters should be placed on a completely level surface. Small heaters should be positioned so they are out of the wind.
  • Keep your children away from the heater. Children should not be left unattended around heaters because the heater can topple over if disturbed or pushed. Children should not be allowed to operate a heater,
  • Patio heaters come with an exhaust ad combustion system designed for outdoor use. They should never be used indoors because there is a risk of starting a fire. The gases that they give off might also be dangerous in an enclosed environment.
  • There are patio heaters that come with inbuilt safety features that will reduce their danger. Some come with electric starters while some feature automatic shut-off should the device tips over. Read the documentation that came with the heater and its other safety features.
  • Gas and propane heaters need proper airflow in to function. Ensure that nothing obstructs its air vents or holes, and regularly check for blockage. Debris can built up in the vents and greatly affect their performance.
Check out some of today’s best heaters.
Jardin Oil Fireburner - Meadow Green - Set of 2 by Alfresco Home
Featuring a beautiful ceramic vase glazed in hues of brilliant colors, the Jardin Oil Fireburner - Meadow Green - Set of 2 by Alfresco Home is a great addition to your outdoor space. Adding light and fire to your space, this fire burner will stimulate your sense and create a magical experience. It comes with a snuffer cap with extra wicks.
UniFlame Commercial Patio Heater - Triple Dome by Fireside America
Made with commercial-grade stainless steel, the UniFlame Commercial Patio Heater - Triple Dome by Fireside America can spread a circle of warmth as far as 20 feet. This heater is durable and rugged and features a 100% shutoff feature and tilt-switch to shut it off when it is accidentally tilted over. It comes included with an electronic igniter, removable door, and sliding tank.


Bonfire Patio & Deck Gas Heater by Infinita
Adding a whole new dimension to design and functionality is the Bonfire Patio & Deck Gas Heater by Infinita. With this heater, you will enjoy cozy warm air and light effects all at the same time. This should be perfect for outdoor entertainment.


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