Easy Modern Shelving Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

Whether it is a matter of getting rid of the clutter that has built up over the years or deciding how to design your space, having a small bedroom can be a hassle. Building shelves in your walls is one way to give you additional space without the need to impose on the already small space that you have. This method is called recessed shelving.
Rather than having a chest of drawers or a dresser, use shelving to store your clothes. If you can remodel your walls, consider building shelves right into the actual walls. This will dramatically help you to make the most of the amount of space that you have, giving you more space to put the other necessities in your room. Also, with recessed shelves for clothing, you can use the space in your closet to store other bulkier items.
If you have so many books -- be it because of leisure or school -- keeping them in boxes will only create unnecessary clutter which can be inconvenient if you have constant access to them. You would not want to topple over boxes of books when you need to go the bathroom at night. Take advantage of the use of recessed shelving and use them as a miniature library.
Recessed shelves also come in handy for entertainment, making them an ideal place for your flat screen television. When you choose the place to hang your television, ensure that this is where you exactly want the television permanently. You can carve the shelves around it to hold the speakers, DVDs, satellite or cable box, and DVD player. Try using your creativity in designing it in an abstract manner with the shelves sporadically placed in the wall.
Now that you have some ideas on how to utilize shelving in your small space, it is time to pick the perfect shelf for you. We suggest any of these three.
Barney Shelf - Wenge by EuroStyle
With a width of 43 inches, the Barney Shelf - Wenge by EuroStyle features a lovely Wenge stained veneer. It shows off a minimalist but clean design that should capture the attention of anyone. Also available in white lacquer, it comes fully assembled in a lightweight honeycomb construction. This is also available in 75 inches width.

Bennington Shelf by Cooper Classics
Adding a unique accent to any wall, the Bennington Shelf by Cooper Classics is beautifully designed that is made from elf wood. This wall shelf features three displaying shelves with a Nantucket wash finish. It has a look and feel that should perfectly go well with any modern space, giving s great combination of style and functionality.

Caramelized Magnolia Shelf by Greenington
Get a good combination of organization and separation in your elegant and cozy space with the Caramelized Magnolia Shelf by Greenington. It has a rich honey-toned caramelized finish that you should perfect for any part of your home, from your living room to your dining area to your bedroom.


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