FAQs on Decorating with Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather living room furniture adds  a touch of sophistication and class to your living space. Opulent and rich, leather is complemented by various fabrics. Leather furniture gives a library vibe to an office or den and a warm feel to a bedroom or living room. Even a sole leather piece, like an armchair, lov seat or sofa, can open up various decorating options and styles.
How can I enhance the earthy quality of leather?
Play up the natural beauty of leather by incorporating more earthy elements in your décor. Enhance the sofa’s leather look by putting a woven wool or cotton blanket over the top. Add style to your windows and hang natural linen curtains or bamboo blinds. To add more life to your space, display vases or fresh cut flowers or set out rustic clay pots filled with green plants.
What contrasting materials work great with leather?
Lighten up a rich chocolate or black-colored leather piece with softer materials. Hang gauzy curtains to catch the breeze, or drape a plush silk blanket or cashmere over the leather chair. Put soft cotton pillows on your leather sofa and fluffy rugs on the floor. Pair a linen-covered ottoman like the Brown / Blue Mix Fabric Storage Ottoman by Monarch Specialties with your leather armchair for style and comfort.

How can I brighten the look of dark leather?
Add a pop of color to your leather furniture to give it a cheery look. Choose pillows with muted colors like grass green, mellow orange or butter yellow. If you have really dark leather furniture, use a soft color, like sky blue or mint green, on your walls.
How can create an elegant look with leather?
Dark leather furniture can lend a room a sophisticated and opulent style. Create a library vibe in your den or office by pairing a dark leather chair with a wooden work desk. You can also create a contemporary space by complementing a black leather chair with a sleek floor lamp or entertainment center like the AGENT - WHITE WITH BLACK / WHITE GLASS TOP TV STAND by B-Modern.
Can I mix leather décor details?
Do not be afraid to pair leather with leather. If you have a brown leather chair, get an elegant armchair that comes in a lighter shade like the Taupe Eco Leather Club Chair - Cherry Finish Legs by Office Star to complement. If your chair comes with a leather backrest, hang leather-trimmed picture frames on your walls to create harmony.


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