Modern Living Room Furniture Design and Decor Ideas

After dominating the design scene in the early 20th century, modern living room furnishings continue to enjoy an upswing in popularity up until today. This recent rise in popularity is due in part to the younger population's shift to urban loft living, apartments and other smaller living spaces. The brand of furnishing embraces clean, clutter-free lines, a lack of ornamentation and an aesthetic that celebrates technology, new materials and a relative lack of concern for tradition. This revolutionary approach to furniture design maximizes practicality and use making it more compact than traditional furniture and much less ornate. Let’s look at some of the most recent popular trends and styles of interior design and d├ęcor with the use of modern living room furniture.

Urban Style
If you want a contemporary-urban style look and feel in your living room, then try opting for dark brown or glossy black wood finishes. An Avenue Six Merge 36" Square Coffee Table in Espresso Finish should make a fitting example for this kind of modern styling. Then try incorporating metals, glass, and ceramics as accent furnishings and leather sofas and sectionals as your choice for seating. If you have a relatively small living room area, however, you might as exclude having sofas and opt for armchairs, lounge chairs, and loveseats instead. Purchase these types of seats in distinct sizes and numbers and install them around a focal point like an home entertainment area or fireplace for a more impressive impact. It would also be best to pick up pieces made in Europe mostly from Belgium, Italy and Scandinavia.
Modern Mid-Century Vintage
The modern retro style of living room furnishing comes in numerous different names around the world. Basically, it is that period of modern furniture design aesthetic between the 1950’s and 1960’s and may also include the 1940’s as well as pointed out by a number of interior decorators and furniture manufacturers. But whatever you may call it - vintage mid-century, retro antiques or modern retro, put your attention on European and American crafts from this period. Look for walnut wood on sofas, chairs and tables trimmed in walnut, chrome and glass, like this Nuevo Living Bella Modern Living Room Lounger in Walnut. Clean, straight lines without the presence of swirls or baroque carvings should also be something that you need to keep your eye on.

Modern Minimalist
If you prefer a clean, uncluttered look in your living room, the modern minimalist style is the ideal design aesthetic for you. Modern minimalism embodies all the prime attributes of modern living room furniture but with a more straightforward approach. Go for frameless or frames with only straight lines and all white, all black, all gray or metallic colors in your furniture pieces. An Allan Copley Designs Sonya Square Bunching Table should make a good example With its Polished Chrome Plated base and Clear Glass Top that conveys a simplistic approach that strikes a distinguishing minimalist tone to your room. Your ultimate goal is to have the room spotless, uncluttered and looking perfect.
The very structure and design of today’s modern houses continue to undergo some significant transformations and new trends and styles have a lot to do with this. Modern furnishings were designed specifically to suit this new trends and styles in houses that seem focus more on practicality and space efficiency. Most importantly, modern furniture were designed to suit the average homeowner’s purchasing power. With different styles and aesthetic designs to go along with economic pricing, modern furnishing has truly become the number one choice of homeowners around the world.


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