Modern Contemporary Bedroom Furniture: Popular Kids Beds

Are you getting ready to update your child’s bedroom? It would be worth researching new trends in children’s beds before you get started. Kids’ modern contemporary bedroom furniture can be expensive, and buying something that they hate a couple of years down the road is not exactly a good deal. Children’s beds come in a wide selection of styles, so you can find something for your future football star or little princess.
Bunk and loft beds. These are a kid’s room classic. Always in style, they are safe for kids of all ages. The standard bunk is perfect for siblings sharing the same room. For older kids, consider getting a loft bed like the Nexera Pixel Twin Size Storage Bed.. It is similar to just the top bunk, leaving room for a dresser or desk under the sleeping surface.
Platform beds. Platform beds do not require a boxspring. They are great for kid’s rooms because the frame is lower than most beds, making it easy for the little ones to get in and out of bed on their own. Many children’s platform bed has clean and modern styles, making it easy to decorate the rest of the room around.
Beds with built-in storage. These beds come in many styles with the unifying feature of having storage space. In a platform bed, it can be cubby holes and drawers underneath the bed frame like the Cassidy Washed Teak Full Size Storage Bed by Powell; in standard twins, it can be shelves built on the headboard; and in bunk bed, it can mean attached bookshelves joining the top and bottom bunk.
Canopy beds. Canopy beds are great for girlie girls transitioning into their teen years. Get a bed that is fit for a princess by draping dainty fabric of your daughter’s favorite color over the edges of the frame. As the child grows older, create a private retreat by allowing her to decorate the bed in any way she chooses.
Trundle beds. Perfect for the child who likes hosting sleepovers; trundle beds come with a second bed that stays stored under the main bed until needed. These beds give you the best of both worlds: you have an extra mattress when you need it and extra floor space when you don’t.
Convertible cribs. These are the most practical for a nursery because it transitions to a child’s bedroom. They start as a crib and then convert to a toddler bed with the aid of specialty bed rails. The small size of the toddler bed make the move from crib to bed easier, and you can use the same crib mattress for the toddler bed.
Specialty beds. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, consider getting a specialty bed. This bed style includes everything from headboards with build-in iPod dock and speakers to beds shaped like a pirate ship or carriage. A theme bed like the Half-Time Sports Complete Full Size Bed by Powell can set the stage for the whole bedroom.


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