A Quick Guide to Modern Outdoor Furniture Materials

What kind of modern outdoor furniture should you choose? A lot will depend on your style as there is certainly no shortage of attractive, high quality furniture in various materials made especially for outdoor use.
Wood furniture like the Classic Bench by Cedar Delite is a good pick if you prefer a casual, natural and warm style. Besides, the natural look of wood is a great fit for an outdoor setting. It is a classic and traditional material that is available in so many varieties, the most popular of which includes oak, pine, cedar, eucalyptus, and teak.
Some of its many benefits include low maintenance and durability. The natural oils in some types of wood, like teak, protect it against harsh weather and rot, high humidity and extreme temperature.

If you prefer a rustic, cozy or country style, then consider getting wicker. Used indoors and out, this is a versatile and lightweight material that is made from many different naturally-occurring materials like cane, rattan and bamboo. Traditionally, it is available in neutral colors, but now comes in many shades like the Club 6 Coffee Table by Lebello.
All-weather wicker is ideal for outdoor use and is made from woven synthetics. Wicker is sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. This may account for the fact that its popularity does not seem to wane through time.
For a contemporary and streamlined look, aluminum like the North Mowing All Weather Wicker Love Seat Conversation Set by Alfresco Home is an excellent  choice. Because it is so popular, there are many styles and designs available in this material.
Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy and easily moved from one spot to the other. An added benefit to choosing aluminum is that it is easy to maintain because it cleans easily, resists corrosion and can hold its own even when left outside for long periods.
Wrought Iron
For a formal and classic outdoor environment, wrought iron comes to mind. It is a strong and hardy material with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. It lends a look of luxury to any space. And because of its weight, it will not tip easily. This trait makes it ideal for windy environments.
Wrought iron furniture does require some amount of care to prevent corrosion and rusting. This makes it unsuitable for homeowners who lead busy lifestyles, and will find it hard to spare time to care for their outdoor furniture.
Mixed Material
If you have an eclectic style, do not allow yourself to be limited at just a single outdoor furniture material. Consider mixing and matching different materials to get the look that you want. You can mix different styles and designs as well.
Try to place a wrought iron table with your teak chairs, or a glass top table with your wooden furniture. You can also have a chair that combines different materials like wood and some kind of metal. If you come to think of it and let your imagination soar, the possibilities are just endless.


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