Modern Kitchen Dining: How to Decorate French Country Style

There are no minimum rules when it comes to creating a French Country decorating scheme. The abundance of modern kitchen dining accessories and options make it easy to implement. Consider the following guidelines and check out the product recommendations for inspiration.
Color. Envision of colors of southern France when you pick the
accessories, paint and wallpaper. Deep hunter green, reds, bright blues, and
warm yellows all set off by start white. A French Country kitchen can be
apartment dwellers or those who frequently relocate.
achieved without painting white walls. This makes such style perfect for

Natural materials. Focus on natural and rustic elements, copper, iron, basketry,
rough wood and stone all make an appearance in this decorating scheme. The
floor can be made up of wood plants. You can choose copper pans and pots, or
put a basket of fruits or flowers on the table.

Furniture and cabinetry. French Country kitchens are all about heavy rustic furniture.
Distressed cabinets with pretty knobs like the Baker's Cherry Server by Jofran are a nice touch. You can add trim to existing cabinets or just
replace your basic handles with aged metal or ceramic knobs.

Layers. Bold patterns and colors mixed with delicate flower patterns
will give French Country style a stunning layered look. Filling your kitchen
with layers of patterns can be achieved with colorful tiles and French inspired

Bon app├ętit. Consider adding a French Country kitchen sign that features a
distressed vintage look that shows off your style of choice. You can create one
on your own and make it a weekend project. Otherwise, you can buy them from
craft stores and online shoos.

Pottery. Put away your fine china when you are looking to achieve a
French country kitchen. This look implies a countryside cottage so you need to
have a few pieces of fine pottery. You should fine many styles available in
your local crafts or home improvement store.

Baskets. French Country baskets can be fashioned out of wire and filled
with bright oranges and lemons for a look that will still fulfill the spirit of
France without stepping too far into the country look. The Thalie Large Bowl by Artecnica is one fine example.

Roosters. Include a bold ceramic rooster into your kitchen. The rooster is
the quintessential accent in French country design. Look for a ceramic rooster
with a vintage look. Otherwise, choose kitchen towels with a rooster motif, or
any other accessory with this bird

Window treatments. Use a light hand when you pick out your window treatments. Such
a look with imply an open airy look that will let the sun shine in. Clean
windows with shutters or lacy curtains will give a completely different look
that will work depending on your needs.

Herbs. Add an herb garden to your kitchen. This should give you both a
functional way to have fresh ingredients in your meals and will give you a nice
French Country look.


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