Choosing the Right Modern End Tables for Every Room

Just about any table sitting to the side of a piece of furniture can be called an end table. You will usually find one in a living room, by a chair or sofa. But depending on its height, you can also use one as a coffee table or nightstand in a small room. Side tables are a great place to add texture or color. Below are some pointers for finding one for your space.
One height does not fit all. If you are using a sofa or chair, an end table works best when it is an inch or two lower than the arm of the seat it is next to. A standard sofa arm is around 24 inches tall, so look for a table about that height.
Pay attention to width. Side table diameters and widths vary a lot as well, but go with a surface width of at least 18 inches across. Anything smaller is not quite as functional. If you intend to put a standard-sized lamp on it, you will one that it at least 22 inches in diameter.
Go for simple. For a living room with lots of upholstered pieces, go for modern end tables that are simple and sleek. The clean lines of the table will balance out the softness of the other furniture. Some smart choices include wood, metal, acrylic and glass. For modern furniture, go with something ornate.
Think about the surface. Ceramic, stone and glass tops like the Coronet Designer Glass Table Top Accent Table by Adesso are good for holding drinks because you do not need coasters. Wood or fabric-top tables are fine for displaying knickknacks and resting remotes and books on.
Choose a can’t-go-wrong-shape. Oval and round tables like the Lisa Round End Table with Crema Marfil  Stone Top by Allan Copley Designs are pretty much no-fail. They add another shape to a room that usually has a lot of rectangular pieces like chairs, coffee table and sofa.
Control clutter. If you need extra storage space, pick one with an open shelf at the bottom like the Sebastian Square End Table with Glass Top by Allan Copley Design to hold games or books. You can also get one with a combination of doors and shelves to hide your electronics and DVDs.
Placement is key. The number of side tables you need in a room depends on the amount of seating you have as well as the size of the room. Any chair or sofa can have its own side table or two seats can share one, depending on the availability of space.
Be bold. Because side tables are not the center of attention, you can be more daring with them than with big furniture. Get one in bright colors, or one with curvy legs, but you might want to avoid an elaborate side table next to a sofa with a bold pattern.
Mix and match. A pair of identical side tables in a room is fine. However, if you have more than two, do not match the rest. Stick with a similar look, though, like ensuring that they are all made of warm wood, or they can have bronze or nickel accents. Having one trait in common makes the cohesive.


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