Inexpensive Yet Attractive Ideas for Modern Bookcases and Shelves

If you have plenty of books, you must need a way to display and store them. And if you do not have enough to buy a bookcase or shelf for your precious collections, then it is time to put on  your thinking cap and put  your creativity to good use. Fortunately, we have some inspiration to get your started. Below are some creative and ingenious ways to create modern bookcases and shelves, minus the high cost!
  1. Old ladder. It might look daunting but it does not require too many DIY skills. Just mount L buckets to the wall, attach your old wooden ladder, and then arrange your books.
  2. Book. Mount some L brackets to the wall, and then mount an old thrift store hardback to your brackets. Stack your books or knickknacks on your shelf.
  3. Skateboards. You can store your old skate punk CDs here, your old Tony Hawk game cartridges and even a first aid kit. Just stack several of them on top of the other and you are good to go.
  4. Boards and bricks. Support the shelves with bricks, blocks of wood, cinder blocks and even other woods. This can be as elegant or rustic as you like, depending on your raw materials.
  5. Bottles and boards. This is a twist on the boards and bricks theme that replaces bricks and bottles. You just need to know how to do additional work like measuring and drilling.
  6. Ropes and boards. Many bookshelves rest confidently on the floor, but this one dangles from the ceiling. Some tension on the ropes might spare you the worry of knocking into them.
  7. Leather belts and boards. This is another dangling book genre that uses old leather belts and straps to suspend the shelves. These seem more decorative than practical, though.
  8. Board and brackets. They are like the ladder bookshelves, only this is a single wide board with metal brackets for shelves.
  9. Boxes and binder clips. These are stacks of plywood boxes in complementary sizes helped together with common binder clips. This design is cheap, relatively easy to DIY and is elegant.
  10. Wooden boxes.  Rather than stacking plywood boxes, mount them on your wall. Use binder clips to hold them together or arrange them however you like.
But if you are not good with DIY, then perhaps you can spare yourself the hassles and frustrations and just get yourself one. Check out these great choices.

Brooklyn Satellite Tower by Nexera. This storage tower offers a European design with plenty of open and closed storage. It has a glass door with one adjustable shelf, along with metal legs and handles.
Liber-T CD/DVD Storage Towers (2) by Nexera. With its unique modular construction that lets you mix and match the different items, you will surely find your own perfect configuration.
Pinnacle Entertainment Kit - 101203 + 101503 by Nexera. Stylized and practical, this entertainment kit offers large storage capacity with its adjustable shelves, glass doors, drawers and more.


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